My name is Moti Kashi
I am a jewelry designer. I am the third generation in jewelry design and manufacturing. Design and hand- made jewelry has always been my way to express my desire in creating innovative pieces.


No doubt that nature is an endless source for inspiration. Harmony proportions and chick are all integrated in natural motives. But there are other challenging sources for inspiration such as geometry, astronomy, and even anatomy.

They all need the artist’s imagination and creativity in order to extract the hidden beauty to be rendered through a new piece of jewelry. I will gladly share some of these secrets. 

Day- To- day

I love rearranging the jewelry in the showcases by myself. These are rare moments in which new ideas are refined.

Watching the people staring the jewelry in the front showcase is a perfect occasion to learn about their preferences. A hidden smile makes my day.

The art

You might consider jewelry design as “The art of Micro Sculpturing”.
Some jewelry are literally created that way, as I sculpture them first in wax and than cast them in gold or platinum. Others are created from threads and sheets of noble metal, miraculously processed into final product. 

Progress introduced a new powerful tool: the C.A.D. All of the above methods lean on the spirit, the taste, and the experience I have accumulated and impliment in each of my creations.


I am located in Tel-Aviv, the capital of finance, fashion and lifestyle in Israel.

The space hosts 2 showrooms, design room, photographing studio, office and an equipped workshop in which all fantasies become true.