My name is Moti Kashi
I am a jewelry designer. I am the third generation in jewelry design and manufacturing. Design and hand- made jewelry has always been my way to express my desire in creating innovative pieces.


My father used to employ me during school vacations as an apprentice in goldsmith in his workshop at the back of his gallery and so, hammering, sawing and soldering inspired me to new horizons in jewelry design.
At the age of 25, I decided to broaden my education. I graduated in mathematics and the computer sciences shortly before the first PC was invented.
These studies contributed to the way in which I explore and design harmonious and beautiful jewelry. Jewelry design, just as other creative arts, involves the accumulation of experience and innovative spirit.

The tools and technology I use, allow me to become more efficient and accurate in creating unique pieces of jewelry.


Today I employ a small team of artisan, each being a specialist in his profession. Please explore my designs; I am sure you will find a piece that you will like.

Should you wish to adopt a piece from my collection or to create something new, I would be happy to design, step by step, an individual piece to match your style.

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